Hello all, thank you for visiting my travel blog.  Before departing on August 21st, I am extremely excited and would like to thank Brooks Cavin III and the whole Cavin Family Travel Fellowship committee for allowing me this luxury.

I will be travelling for nearly 3 and a half months throughout Scandinavia and the Mediterranean with a backpack, stack of sketchbooks, and a camera in pursuit of climate responsive vernacular urbanism, landscapes, and infrastructure.  Studying in these two environmentally and culturally different areas will create a very interesting catalogue of experiences and principles.

I am also in hopes of the pursuit of the primitive – this is the grand tour of these geographic areas that I have been waiting many years to delve into and absorb. I will not hesitate to share ideas and thoughts that happen upon me as I travel and use this site as a form of journal.  If you have any advice, thoughts, or responses to the material and thoughts displayed on this site please comment or email me directly at

Below are rough, working maps for both the north and south leg of the trip.


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